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With Global Language Assist

CI Product Lines

CI is the IVR and call-handling specialist! We provide the tools to self-manage inbound & outbound self-service applications and the IVR environment and together create intelligent call flows and caller experiences, It’s called the eONE Conversational IVR with the Virtual Concierge and integration to Google’s Voice, AI, and Global Language Assist. Rounding out the portfolio are two productive tools, Screen Pop Premium (SPP) and IP Phone Pager (IPP). The mission of each of these is to deliver information that will inform and streamline workflows for the agent or desktop device user.

We do all this by deploying cloud, multi-tenant, SaaS, hybrid, and on-premise delivery options. Why do we do it? It’s simple, to provide solutions with a fast ROI, that is easy to manage, quick to deploy, and provide our customers with the tools for success.

The Virtual Concierge

eONE IVR The Virtual Concierge

CI’s eONE Virtual Concierge is an IVR that is designed to handle any call, in any language at any time of day or day of the week.  This is accomplished by providing a solution that has, as part of its core, an easy-to-use call flow design/configuration tool, a form filler asset, and the building blocks (or components) of the most commonly utilized applications.  All this, plus integration to Google’s Voice, AI, and Multi-language translation and transcription tools.  The eONE Virtual Concierge can easily take on the responsibilities of the Virtual Attendant, Virtual Agent, and Virtual Assistant.


The eONE Virtual Concierge AI IVR combined with the CI CTI collection of applications offers powerful and cost-effective solutions for the customer engagement center. That means increased productivity, elevated Agent morale and Customer satisfaction with every call taken. 

What They Are Saying...

Working with CI is like adding highly skilled and informed consultants to your team.

From streamlining manual processes to building AI-enhanced customer experiences, CI and the Virtual Concierge are with you every step of the way.

Inbound Applications - Features

More Features


CI delivers the tools to get the message out. We do that by using voice, text, and email, and by deploying on-premise, cloud, multi-tenant, and SaaS delivery options. Why we do it is simple, to provide solutions with a fast ROI, that is easy to manage, quick to deploy, and to provide our customers with the tools for success.

Outbound Applications - Features

Delivery Options









CTI and Custom Design

Screen Pop Premium (SPP)​

Simply incorporating CI’s Screen Pop Premium (SPP) into an agent’s workflow will have immediate results. Economize on the time spent looking for relative documents, remove “dead air space” on customer/client calls and realize all the efficiencies a well-organized work-flow tool contributes to agent performance. The savings are realized by a simple configuration setting and “pop” of frequently used information sources that apply to the agent’s callers. 

IP Phone Pager (IPP)

IP Pager allows customers to take advantage of their IP Telephone network to broadcast messages to IP Phones and overhead IP Speakers. With the tools provided in the browser-based IP Pager interface, creating and modifying virtually unlimited pager groups, zones and recipients is quick and easy through the point and click” interface. Use cases include but are not limited to”

Working with CI's
Professional Services

eONE Virtual Concierge AI IVR Call Flow and Design

With Google Voice, AI and Global Language Assist, the Virtual Concierge creates a ground-level platform from which to launch custom configuration and design for companies looking to expand and elevate the contact center interaction all while enriching the customer’s calling experience.

Professional And Development Services

CI can provide custom development for Voice and Web Chat Bots using Google Dialogflow, customer call experience for Cloud or on-Premise environments and Screen-Pop (CTI) development.

Total Care Maintenance Support (TCM)

Is an industry leading support plan that lets customers choose from multiple options of service that best fits their environment. Premium support plans include 24X7X365 coverage with 2 hours a month of professional services and the option to take advantage of High Availability cloud deployment for outages or planned maintenance.