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CTI- Custom Development and Design

CI is first and foremost a developer of CTI and telephony solutions and applications.  It is rare that a partner and or customer has approached us with an “out of the box” request that we have not been able to accommodate. When our team is your IVR department, we can support your efforts to find efficient and cost-effective solutions for your customers. We work closely with partners to perform discovery, definition, design, development, deployment, and maintenance of custom applications in the host infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud!

Nothing is too complicated for our engineers and developers.  With the depth of resources at hand we can even deliver a finished product in less time, and therefore less money than anyone else!

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Intelligent Call Routing

professional services

Lead Processing Service

digital design professional services

Custom Design


multi language professional services

eONE Virtual Concierge AI IVR Call Flow and Design

With Google Voice, AI, and Global Language Assist, the Virtual Concierge creates a ground-level platform from which to launch custom configuration and design for companies looking to expand and elevate the contact center interaction all while enriching the customer’s calling experience.

web chat professional services

Professional And Development Services

CI can provide custom development for Voice and Web Chat Bots using Google Dialogflow, customer call experience for Cloud or on-Premise environments and Screen-Pop (CTI) development.

total care maintenance professional services

Total Care Maintenance Support (TCM)

Is an industry-leading support plan that lets customers choose from multiple options of service that best fit their environment.  Premium support plans include 24X7X365 coverage with 2 hours a month of professional services and the option to take advantage of High Availability cloud deployment for outages or planned maintenance.