The eONE platform is a centralized configuration, design and administration system which allows staff to freely manage self-service telephony, web and texting applications across multiple premise platforms and cloud services simultaneously.

eONE is a universal browser-based IVR configuration and management tool, providing easy access to affect changes and modifications to applications utilizing PBX and Voice Portal platforms in either a single or multiple technology footprint. eONE will allow customers to easily migrate from small/medium switch platforms to larger enterprise level platforms without having to reinvest or engineer their IVR and Call Center applications and processes. The eONE platform allows administrators to freely manage 'self-service' telephony, web and texting applications across multiple premise platforms and cloud services simultaneously. With eONE, CI has created a platform that contains all that was so successful with eVP IVR and eCI VXML tools while at the same time building in the flexibility to support a mixed telephony and cloud environment.

eONE Flexible Environment Options

Flexibility of supporting a mixed telephony and cloud environment.

  • Cloud to Cloud
  • Cloud to Premise
  • Client to Cloud
  • Provisional (or on demand) Cloud

eONE Enhanced Features:

  • Intuitive Setup & Configuration
  • Point & Click Menu Control
  • Dynamic Announcements
  • Easily Configured Forms & Surveys
  • Simple Prompt Management
  • Powerful Database Connectivity
  • Speech Recognition Ready
  • Intelligent Call Routing and Handling
  • Fast Changes, No Service Interruptions!

eONE Bundle Includes:

IVR Self-Service "Shrink Wrapped"
  • Auto Attendant Menu
  • Audio Bulletin Text
  • Delayed Announcements
  • Extension Manager
  • Name Dialer
  • Data Look-up
  • Survey Form Filler
Agent Queue Messaging
  • Delayed Announcements
Turn-key Services
  • Professional Custom Services
  • Installation & Training
  • CTI Screen Pop Ready
  • Self Service Configuration Platform
  • Web and Database Simple Integration
  • Recording Studio (Voice Admin)
  • Reporting
CTI Integration (Screen Pop)
  • TAPI (standard)
  • TSAPI (optional)
  • CSTA (optional)

Add eONE to your customer self-service strategy and gain:

  • A fast, simple and cost-effective solution for managing all your self-service resources
  • The ability to change caller experiences in real time without restarting services
  • A powerful IVR tool-kit with an intuitive and easy to use graphic user interface
  • On-demand control of announcements, menus, forms and database resources
  • Total control of your caller's experiences and deliver useful self-service options as needed

The eONE platform provides centralized administration for a powerful and cost-effective suite of IVR applications which can be based on premise, in the cloud or a combination of both. These IVR applications provide functionality that will streamline any number of manual processes all while enhancing the "caller's experience".

Companies can easily and rapidly deploy eONE applications as needed, allowing customers to access information through the use of a telephone, web page, email and texting 24/7. eONE does not require special training or skills and allows you to affect changes to call flows in real-time, without having to restart services.

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