eONE eONE with Google Voice TM

Takes the best of what CI does today and opens it up to Google Voice APIs creating a "plug and play" ability offering our customers and partners the power to deploy next generation customer experiences. Energizing the self-service conversation, by making it an even more intuitive digital customer interaction, will elevate the very nature of contact centers everywhere.

eONE with Google Voice <sup>TM</sup>

eONE with Google Voice TM is an integration layer for AI and Advanced Speech APIs rendering the eONE platform eONE with Google Voice for Google Voice (and beyond). Through eONE IVR and Professional Services, CI offers industry specific and horizontal applications for companies of any size that simplifies the contact center interaction and enriches the customer self-service experience. Put simply, this new "plug and play" integration module takes today's speech recognition and contextualizes it into a technology that provides, speech to text transcription, language translations and conversational contact center interactions.

The goal with eONE with Google Voice <sup>TM</sup> is to energize the self-service conversation by making it an even more intuitive digital customer interaction by extending the availability of the Google features we all use on a daily basis. Current features include the ability to integrate to the Google Cloud Natural Language API, The Cloud Speech-to-Text API and the Cloud Language Translation API. What this means to our customers and partners today is you can take advantage of the Google Voice API and with CI's professional services, build a forward-thinking solution, augmenting all of the eONE Applications like Pay-by-Phone, Account Lookup, Service Locators, Membership Portals, Post-call Agent Surveys and more.

Here are just some of the example use cases for eONE with Google Voice <sup>TM</sup> eONE with Google Voice TM

Cloud Natural Language API
Leverages neural language recognition technologies, such as sentiment analysis, entity recognition and other text annotations to customers. This can be used for any application which requires conversion of recorded voice to text.
  • Auto Attendants
  • Surveys (Convert spoken comments to text)
  • Form Filler (Capture spoken address, city, state, issue...)
Cloud Speech-to-Text API
Converts audio to text by applying powerful neural network models
  • This can be used for converting spoken word to text.
  • This can also deliver back to the caller any recorded utterances via SMS or email.
Cloud Language Translation API
Enables near real-time translation of voice or text input within conversational speech applications.
  • This can be used to convert any text (or recording) from one language to another.
CI's Professional Services will assist in building a database library of terms and utterances, from the Google Voice API and eONE IVR, that are unique to the customer's site. This library of terms will supply AI interactions with a more unique customer experience
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