Expanded Application Portal (e-IVR)

The e-IVR Expanded Application Portal and included software bundle provides the capability for customers to access information through the use of a telephone and Web page, 24/7. e-IVR allows companies to easily and reapidly deploy applications which enable customers to serve themselves at any time, providing immediate satisfaction and enhanced overall customer experience.

e-IVR Application Portal

Add e-IVR Expanded Application Portal (XAP) to your customer self-service strategy and gain:

  • A fast, simple and cost-effective solution for managing all your self-service resources
  • The ability to change caller experiences in real time without restarting services
  • A powerful IVR tool-kit with an intuitive and easy to use graphic user interface
  • On-demand control of announcements, menus, forms and database resources
  • Total control of your caller's experiences and deliver useful self-service options as needed

The e-IVR Expanded Application Portal software provides an intuitive administrative GUI for rapidly developing and deploying virtualy any type of in-bound or out-bound caller experience.

e-IVR XAP Bundle Includes:

  • IVR Development Platform
  • Auto Attendant Menu
  • Audio Bulletin Text
  • Delayed Announcements
  • Extension Manager
  • Dial By Name Directory
  • Data Locator Look-up
  • Survey Form Filler
  • Phone and Web Self Service
  • Prompt Recording Studio
  • Multi-Format Reporting

Implementing the e-IVR Expanded Application Portal in your telephony infrastructure immediately enables you to design and deliver virtually any caller experience. The e-IVR software empowers you to deliver the feature-rich experiences today's customers expect.

Account Inquiry, Shipping Status, Secured Payment, Account Activation, Store Finder, Product Catalog, Reward Redemption, Satisfaction Survey, Web Form Activated Out-Call, Intelligent Call Routing, Automated Speech Recognition and Much More are can be immediately deployed for your customers to use.

e-IVR Expanded Application Portal Content is Updated & Delivered to your Caller's On-Demand, Without Restarting Services!

Efficiency and cost control are critical in competitive markets. Your customers are looking for convenience and self-service. You're looking for cost-effective ways of growing the "bottom-line" without growing your overhead. The e-IVR Expanded Application Portal suite provides the answer to both.

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