CI Professional Services

CI has been developing custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions for 30+ years. That is why CI's portfolio of products is such a robust set of industry leading applications developed and built for industries of all types. However, occasionally we are approached by a customer whose requirements are not met by a "turn-key" CI application. This is when CI's Professional Services steps in to turn a requirement into a solution

5 easy steps to turn your requirements into solutions
When our development team becomes your IVR department, we can support your efforts to find an efficient and cost-effective solution for you and your customers. The process from the "I need this" stage to "I want this" phase is a well-planned and organized team effort that involves:

  1. Discovery - This is the time when all the components needed are flushed out and all requirements are discussed and agreed upon
  2. Design - Based on the discovery phase a design is put in place and a process flow developed so everyone can visualize how the solution will work
  3. Proposal - This is the stage where all agree and commit to the project
  4. Demo - Via a live meeting format, the solution is presented so all parties can see how the application performs
  5. Close - CI will be with you though the whole process, providing support and guidance to ensure the solution opportunity comes to a successful finish.

Working together: Avaya Platforms and Partners

  • Avaya Aura Experience Portal (and previous versions
  • Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer (and previous versions)
  • egacy IVR Modification/Transition Strategy
    • 20+ years combined experience
    • Developer of eCI GUI interface
      • eCI is a Graphic User Interface, allowing Experience Portal/Voice Portal users (not designers, but actual users) to make changes on the fly.
      • Multiple options for a single AEP/AVP platform
  • 25-year relationship with Avaya - Original DevConnect member
  • 32-year IVR solutions developer
  • CI described as "nimble and creative"
  • Multiple development language experience and knowledge
  • Significant Vertical Expertise
  • 7/7 or 24/7 software support
  • Turnkey delivery of AEP/AVP software
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